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In 2012, online auctions tallied over $219 billion in sales, with over 100 million people purchasing from them. From 2007 to 2012, the industry saw annual growth of 10.4%. The experts are expecting these exciting trends in online auctions to continue. Ebay currently holds the largest market share at 11.4%, which means that 88.6% of online auction business is happening elsewhere.
Enter In 2002, an auctioneer in Maple Plains, Minnesota launched the site. It is one of the few sites started from the ground up that saw – and continues to see – success. It has grown to a multi-million dollar site with over 150,000 active bidders (see map below for location spread).

We turn assests into cash by:

•Making it easy for people to sell online
•Making it easy for people to buy unique items online
•Leveraging our history as one of the oldest online auctions in business
•Consistently growing our community of registered bidders
•Providing more safety than Craigslist

Sioux Falls Liquidation, LLC is an online auction business and independent affiliate of K-BID Online Auctions, a very successful player in the online auction business.

Sioux Falls Liquidation, LLC uses the K-BID platform to provide great deals for buyers and a convenient platform to sell items online for sellers. We have over 150,000 registered users and are growing daily.

We differ from ebay because we:

•Do the work
•Take the pictures
•Write the descriptions
•Post the auction
•Collect the payment
•Allow buyers to inspect items

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