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We turn assets into cash by:

  • Making it easy for people to sell online
  • Making it easy for people to buy unique items online
  • Leveraging our history as one of the oldest online auctions in business
  • Consistently growing our community of registered bidders
  • Providing more safety than Craigslist¬†


  • Sioux Falls Liquidation¬†is an online auction business managed by TS Management and proudly partnered with K-BID Online Auctions, a very successful player in the online auction business.
  • Sioux Falls Liquidation uses the K-BID platform to provide great deals for buyers and a convenient platform to sell items online for sellers. We have over 190,000 registered bidders and are growing daily.

We differ from ebay because we:

  • Do the work
  • Take the pictures
  • Write the descriptions
  • Post the auction
  • Collect the payment
  • Allow buyers to inspect items